What once began as a simple “moose bumper” for the company Trux, has today grown into a wide range of safety and styling equipment for heavy trucks.
– The idea came from a truck driver who had grown tired of all the front damage in accidents involving wild animals. He had seen a front protection in Australia and asked Axel Sandstedt, owner of Exte, the world leader in cargo securing, if they could produce a front protection for the Swedish market, says Hasse Olsson, manager at Trux.

That was in the early 80s, there was an explosive growth of the moose population and wildlife accidents were a daily occurance for truck drivers. Many drivers were stranded in the middle of nowhere for hours when the cooler broke after hitting a wild elk.
– It’s a bit difficult to avoid an elk when handling a 60 tons truck and if you’re unlucky you could burst the radiator and be stranded with an unhappy insurance company.
Exte embraced the idea and produced a front protection in aluminum instead of steel, to make it lighter. But the Swedish transport safety agency thought otherwise. They considered that the front protection was dangerous and more damaging to pedestrians, so they decided to ban the front protection. But perseverance is the key to success!
– Trux late founder Axel Sandstedt was sure of himself – front protection resulted in greater safety – and together with Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg they managed to prove that front protection in aluminum with mounted spaces was actually safer in providing cushioning. Swedish transport safety agency had to give in and Trux received dispensation from the newly formed law, says Hasse Olsson.

In 1986 Axel Sandstedt sold Exte and started Trux. The company was family owned until 1999, but was then bought by Mekanotjänst. Through the years Trux has been based in a small rural area in Färila, in beautiful Hälsingland Sweden, but in 2001 the business was moved more centrally to Ljusdal. Today you’ll find Trux front protection on the entire European market and all the way down to Tanzania in Africa.
– Thanks to our cooperation with Volvo and Scania our front protection is mounted on trucks even in Brazil and China, says Hasse Olsson.
Although the front protection came to be a success, Trux continued to develop other types of bars in aluminum for mounting auxiliary lights and even some styling products.
– Before Trux, the truck drivers usually bolted their auxiliary lamps directly to the roof, which resulted in the roof starting to leak. But our bars use the car’s own attachments which offers a more stable and secure installation without damaging the truck, says Hasse Olsson.

Apart from Trux being the market leader in the Nordic countries with their products, they are also contributing to the development of industry in the areas they operate in. Trux create jobs through the use of local contractors for processing the products.
– There’s a bright future ahead of us! Competition intensifies and many of them produce front protection, but we are almost alone to manufacturing them in aluminum – and our brand is strong. 30 years in the industry provides stability and experience, the customers know that they are getting quality when they’re investing in our products!

Trux is the market leader in Europe of front-mounted safety and styling equipment for trucks.
The company was founded in 1986. Its largest markets are Sweden, Norway, Germany, England and Holland.
Trux AB is located in Ljusdal in the middle of Sweden and is a part of Mekanotjänst Holding AB.