– Extendo acquires Trux AB, says Kjell Jonsson, owner of Extendo and Christer Fransson, owner of Trux in a joint statement. The the takeover takes place in late October / early November, 2016.

Trux AB is the market leader in Europe and has a wide range of safety and styling equipment, including frontal protection for installation on heavy trucks.
– I see great synergies for ExTe, part of Extendo, and Trux. Both companies are leaders in their industries and both have a strong focus on products that contribute to increased safety in heavy transport, explains Kjell Jonsson. ExTe is a world leader in timber bunks and automatic tensioners for timber transport by road and rail. Trux supplies its products to all types of heavy vehicles.
– In that respect, we have a much greater market potential than ExTe, for the simple reason that there are many times more heavy vehicles carrying more than timber, says Christer Fransson. I’m very happy with this deal, which also means that the company remains in Ljusdal, he continues.
In Trux wide range of products, it is above all the front protections that stand out. At a wildlife collision is the damage to the vehicle is considerably milder than without protection.

Both ExTe and Trux are stable companies, and well known in the market for high quality, stylish design and well-developed capacity for unique customizations.
– For me, this feels a bit special, because I was actually in the product development when Trux established in the mid-1980s. The circle is closed in a way, says Kjell Jonsson.
– My ambition is naturally that Trux will continue to develop positively. Today Trux has its main markets in the Nordic countries and Germany.

More information:
Kjell Jonsson, CEO Extendo: +46 651-17500
Hasse Olsson, manager Trux: +46 10-483 89 70