During the spring we spent our time together with the Volvo Performance Tour and in the upcoming autumn Trux will continue the tour on their own to showcase their popular aluminum accessories for heavy trucks.

All of the autumn’s trade fairs are around the corner and Trux will be in place to showcase their products for heavy trucks.

So far, Trux has planned five stops with their demo trailer. Next stop will be at the Power Truck Show in Alahärmä, Finland, and the following weekend it’s time for Mittia Wood Transportation Expo in Ljusdal.

– Mittia is a little special for us when it’s in Ljusdal – our home – and we always try to offer something extra, says Hasse Olsson, manager at Trux in Ljusdal, Sweden.

After Mittia, the journey continues to Mantorp for the Trailer Trucking Festival. There will Trux cooperate with Exte.

– Many of our and Extes customers are the same, so we will combine our stands to meet all our existing and potential customers even better, says Hasse Olsson.

Trux will soon visit an event near you – see autumn schedule below, all are welcome!

11–12 August – Power Truck Show i Alahärmä, Finland (stand U350).

18–19 August – Mittia Skogstransport i Ljusdal (stand B53).

25–26 August – Trailer Trucking Festival i Mantorp (stand B14).

8–9 September – Skåne Truck Show in Ljungbyhed.

15–16 September – Lastbilsträffen in Ramsele.