2017 has been Trux’s foreign dealers’ best year for a long time – several have almost doubled their sales of Trux products.

The foreign dealers are an important tool in Trux’s work to establish its position as the market leader in Europe for front-mounted safety equipment for heavy trucks. This year they have beaten all expectations and the distributors have made sure that Trux had a hectic – but good – year.

Both Ena Truck in Poland and TruxFI in Finland have doubled their sales of Trux products compared to 2016.
Marek Ossowski, the head of Ena Truck, doesn’t think it’s a coincidence that Trux products are doing well right now:
– As our customers need good quality for their front protection and light bars, it’s easy for me to recommend Trux – and customers return for more, says Marek.
Björn Ekholm, director of TruxFi, can agree:
– Many of my customers must have realized the benefit of a front protection which has resulted in a lot of sales in Finland this year, says Björn.

The distributor in the Netherlands, Bulthuis Truck, also had a good 2017, they have increased their sales by 50 percent. Germany, France and England have not seen the same percentage increase, but all sales curves improved by over 20 percent. In the neighbouring country, Norway, which is Trux’s second largest market there has also been a positive increase in sales.
– We believe that Scania’s latest truck is a part of this positive increase as well as the overall good business economy. But also a Trux front protection or light bar is a good investment, says Hasse Olsson, manager at Trux in Ljusdal Sweden.