During the summer of 2018, Trux will move from its premises in Ljusdal and return to its roots in Färila.

Trux, which manufactures aluminium safety and styling equipment for heavy trucks, will soon begin to clean their current facilities for the last time. This summer they will move their business to the neighbouring village Färila – where everything began more than 30 years ago.

The preparations for moving the Trux factory to Färila have been ongoing since the end of 2016, but are now approaching their final stage.
– Additions and changes are currently being carried out in the new premises, but we expect the relocation to start this summer and to be completed before autumn, says Hasse Olsson, manager at Trux in Ljusdal.
The goal is that production will not stop during the relocation, Trux will continue to deliver their products during the summer months as usual.

The new facilities are bigger and the working environment for the employees will be even better than before.
– The property in Färila is more suited to our purposes, says Mikael Norman, who is responsible for the relocating of Trux and continues:
– The welders will get more well-ventilated booths, the assembly department gets more space and the painting plant becomes better integrated in the production chain. The area for incoming and outgoing deliveries will also be greatly improved.

Welcome to our new facilities this fall!