New spotlights for Light-Bar

2019-10-11T10:30:49+02:0011 Oct 2019|Products|

We're replacing our combination spotlights with these ones instead – Hella C220. They are delivered complete with plug and are excellent for, among other things, [...]

Fully equipped Volvo FH

2019-09-18T09:29:49+02:0018 Sep 2019|Products|

If you visited us during Mittia Wood Transportation Expo or Trailer Trucking Festival, you have guaranteed checked out this fully equipped Volvo FH at our [...]

Cables för Volvo

2019-06-24T14:45:17+02:0024 Jun 2019|Products|

Now it is possible to order wiring that fit Volvo's contacts together with your next Trux Top-Bar. The wiring fits up to four extra lights [...]

Rear Light-Bar for Scania

2019-04-02T09:09:10+02:0027 Mar 2019|Products|

Rear Light-Bar gives you flexible possibilities to mount work lights and/or warning lights on the truck cabins rear wall. Rear Light-Bar (P24-2) is for the [...]

High X-Bar for Scania

2019-01-23T09:45:07+02:0023 Jan 2019|Products|

Trux X-Bar high for Scania's latest trucks is now ready to order. Trux X-Bar high (H24-4) makes it possible to mount up to four extra [...]

Offroad for the Scania XT

2019-01-10T08:09:08+02:0019 Dec 2018|Products|

The Scania XT series gets reinforcement from Trux. The new front protection from Trux is perfectly suited for trucks that work in tough conditions and [...]