More products for Scania

If you have missed that we have updated our configurator “Create your own Trux” with a couple of new products [...]

High X-Bar for Scania

Trux X-Bar high for Scania's latest trucks is now ready to order. Trux X-Bar high (H24-4) makes it possible to [...]

Offroad for the Scania XT

The Scania XT series gets reinforcement from Trux. The new front protection from Trux is perfectly suited for trucks that [...]

Highway for Scania P and G

We have produced a Trux Highway front protection that is adapted for the latest version of Scania P and G and [...]

X-Bar for the Nextgen Scania

We are expanding our product line to the new Nextgen Scania with a X-Bar. Trux X-Bar (24-3) makes it possible [...]

Light-Bar for the new Scania

The Light-Bar for the next generation of Scania is now ready to ordered and is perfect for vehicles with snow [...]

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