All Trux products can be supplied in any colour you want. With our painting plant, we can offer higher quality and faster delivery of lacquered products.

More and more customers choose colour matched accessories. We’ll make it happen. You leave the colour code – we’ll do the rest!

Our painting facility consists of a combination-box for painting and drying. About 22 000 m3 of tempered air passes through the box a during the painting phase and is then raised to 65 degrees celsius when the product is finished. The method is called wet coating and enables the highest quality painting in a variety of colours.
The pre-treatment of the products takes place in Trux’s own blister container with built-in engine room for filtering and recycling of the blasting sand. We can offer any colour on our truck accessories, even special colours such as pearl and metal lacquer. Welcome with your order!

Standox colour system

All Trux products are painted according to Standox recommendations. The products are sandblasted, so that the paint is properly attached and then a layer of epoxy primer is added as a base. After drying, the topcoat is sprayed on – two times for ordinary varnish and four times for metallic lacquer.